Exceptional Service!

Mal , 06 Nov 2013

I have been a tenant at 4/6 Dene Road, Highbury for the past 3.5 years and will be exiting the property due to a relocation to Melbourne.  I have been a tenant for the past 15 years in various cities and wanted to drop you a quick note in recognition of your Property Manager, Julie Nash.

Over the past 2 years Julie has provided exceptional service on behalf of your property owners and is the first Property Manager I’ve experienced that has actually performed regular property inspections.  When the toilets in the property I am renting all  needed new cisterns installed due to the original ones leaking, Julie ensured that this was approved with the owner immediately and facilitated the fast installment of replacements.  Her attention to detail on behalf of the property owner is to be commended.

Thanks to Julie, my time as a tenant with AHRE has been an enjoyable one and I wish her all the best in the future.