Renting FAQ


How much bond will I be required to pay?

This depends on the rent for the property you will be renting.  If the rent is $250 per week or less then the bond will be 4 x the weekly rent charge.  If the rent is above $250 per week then the bond will be 6 x the weekly rent charge.


Can I break my lease and how much will it cost me?

You are bound by a legal contract but you can break your lease.  You will be responsible for continuing to pay the rent until a suitable tenant is identified and secured.  The expenses you will incur will depend on how long your lease is and how long you have lived in the property.  If you break your lease in the first quarter of your total lease term you will be held responsible for the full letting fee charged to the Landlord (usually 2 weeks rent), otherwise there is a formula provided by the RTT which dictates how the fees are calculated.  This is weeks left in the tenancy divided by three quarters of the total weeks of the tenancy term times the letting fee charged to the Landlord.  The same rules apply to advertising in break lease situations.


How often are routine inspections carried out, how much notice will you give of a routine inspection and what are you looking for? 

Routines Inspections are generally carried out quarterly although can be carried out as often as monthly should this be required.  We will always give you between 7-14 days notice of a routine inspection.  We are checking to make sure the property is clean and tidy, that there is no damage and that the gardens are being looked after appropriately.  A list is sent to you with the letter advising of the routine giving you a more detailed description of what we will be looking at.


If I apply for a property, what happens to my application and who decides whether my application is successful?

If you submit an application for a property we are advertising, we will carry out comprehensive reference checks on all applicants before presenting the application to the Landlord.  The Landlord decided whether an applicant is successful or not, they have the ultimate say so on whether they want to offer an applicant a tenancy in their property.


Can I have a pet at a property, can I pay a pet bond, what happens if my pet damages the property?

The owner will always decide whether or not they are prepared to have pets in their properties.  Some owners are very firm on their decision to have no pets, others may consider outdoor pets and others are happy to have pets regardless, our adverts should always give some indication in regard to pets.  We do not take pet bonds.  In the event that you are accepted for a property with a pet, you will be asked to sign an addition to your lease agreement agreeing that should your pet cause any damage to the property that you are responsible for the costs attached to having this damage repaired.


What do I do if there is an emergency in my property and the office is closed?

In an out of hours emergency situation, we ask our tenants to contact the office and their calls are diverted to our Principal who will make the necessary decision and take the appropriate actions required.


Who is responsible for maintenance, do I organise my own workmen?

We ask that our tenants contact the office in regard to all maintenance issues, we will then advise the owners accordingly and make the appropriate arrangements.  We ask that or tenants do not organise their own tradespeople at any time and we advise that should tenants go ahead and organise a tradesperson without the prior consent of the Agent they can be held liable for the costs.


How do I get my utilities connected and does this cost me money?

In regard to connecting utilities when moving into one of our properties, you can sign the consent on your application form asking for Direct Connect to make the arrangements for your utilities to be connected on your behalf.  There is no fee attached to this service and this is a completely free independent service although you will still incur the fees that the actual utility provider imposes.  Alternatively you can contact each individual supplied directly and organise these personally.


Can I rent a property without having viewed the property, for example if I am moving here from overseas or interstate?

Yes, you can.  There is a section on our application forms that asks whether you have viewed the property or not.  We always encourage people to view a property in the first instance or where this is not possible to have someone else look at this on their behalf, but we can appreciate that this is not always possible.  If you submit an application and you haven’t viewed the property, there will be a sight unseen clause inserted into the lease agreement.  This states that you are accepting the property sight unseen and that this does not negate you of any liability in regard to paying lease break fees should you move into the property and then decide it is not suitable for you.


What happens to my bond, where is it held and will I definitely get this back?

When you pay your bond to us, this is then sent directly to the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs to be held until the end of the tenancy.  A final inspection of the property is carried out once you have vacated the property.  This is to establish that the property has been handed back in a clean and undamaged condition.  Water meter readings are taken to establish whether there are any charges in regard to excess water.  Once all of this has been done, the bond will be refunded so long as there were no issues found during the final inspection and any excess water charges have been paid along with rent being paid up-to-date.